Every weekend I am going to make a post called THE DEBATES. These posts are going to consist of two current or former frontmen in the underground music scene that have had there paths cross at one time or another. For example, this week the debates are going to consist of Austin Carlile, currently the frontman for Of Mice & Men, and Jerry Rosh, the current frontman for Glass Cloud. Now, let’s give you guys the stories behind these frontmen and how there paths crossed:

Austin Carlile-

Austin Carlile created the band Call It Even back in 2005. Call It Even was short lived and they called it quits a year later. Carlile then joined Attack Attack! in the same year. At the time he joined the band, they were called Ambience. After changing the name to Attack Attack! they released there debut EP called If Guns Are Outlawed, Can We Use Swords? The EP featured Carlile on lead vocals and it would be a huge aspect in Attack Attack! getting signed to Rise Records. After getting signed, the band released there full length album Some Day Came Suddenly. Now, something that I have noticed that is very prominent on Some Day Came Suddenly are the very strong faith-based lyrics. With lyrics like, “We live for what He’s worth / and thats more than you’ll know / He died for what He loved / and what He loved was you.” Those lyrics coming from the first single off of Some Day Came Suddenly, Stick Stickly. It makes you wonder if Attack Attack! are a Christian band? After doing extensive research on this matter, I have found a lot of different stories but never an official statement from the band that they were a Christian band, even if some of the members were/are Christian members themselves. However, I have found that there is severe speculation over Carlile. After only a week of Some Day Came Suddenly being released, Attack Attack! kicked Carlile out of the band. The official statement from Carlile as the reason behind him not being in the band anymore was “personal things.” The drama did not stop there. The battle between Austin Carlile and Attack Attack! dragged on and on. People accused Carlile of drug use, cheating on his wife, and being very self-centered. Statements have been released on both sides of the equation. What’s the truth? In my opinion, I don’t think anyone but Carlile and Attack Attack! really know the whole story.

Jerry Roush- 

Jerry Roush’s career in the underground music scene started to take off when he audition for the band Sky Eats Airplane through Myspace in 2007. The band had been looking for a new vocalist after the lead vocalist, Brack Cantrell, left the band to focus on school and his solo work. Before auditioning for the band, Roush had played drums in various hardcore bands. After going through many different auditions, the band decided on him as there new frontman. Since the band were signed through a distribution contract with Thriving Records, they re-released their debut album Everything Perfect on the Wrong Day. After the re-release, the band announced that they hand signed with Equal Vision Records. In 2008, the band released their self-titled follow up to their debut album. About one year after the release of Sky Eats Airplane’s second album, the band decided to let Jerry Roush go. They stated the main reason being “creative differences.”

The Debate-

Now, the same day Carlile announced he wasn’t in Attack Attack! anymore, he announced his new band Of Mice & Men. This is the point where the debate topic is going to start. Carlile created Of Mice & Men with bass guitarist Jaxin Hall. The two recruited other members from other bands such as A Static Lullaby, Lower Definition, and Odd Project, among others. The band recorded a cover of the song Poker Face, originally by Lady Gaga, and sent the demo to Rise Records, witch, coincidently, Attack Attack! is also signed to. The band was soon signed to the label and went into the studio to record their debut self-titled album. After the album was released, the band jumped on the touring bus. But it seemed as soon as everything started for Of Mice & Men, there were complications involving Carlile. Due to Carlile having Marfan Syndrome, he was forced to drop off The Emptiness Tour that the band was on at the time because he needed to have heart surgery. His replacement, originally just for that tour, was Jerry Roush, the former lead vocalist for Sky Eats Airplane. Alternative Press reported that Carlile posted on his Twitter saying, “Attn: I QUIT OF MICE & MEN (full statement posted in the next couple of days) I still love you all <3” As soon as Carlile was out of Of Mice & Men, Attack Attack! jumped in on the drama all over again, posting a blog on Myspace about Carlile, removing it and then posting another one. Also, a girlfriend of one of the members in Of Mice & Men posted remarks regarding Carlile and the kind of person he is. After researching all of this drama surrounding Carlile, and at this point in time, where the drama seemed to hit its peak, Carlile seemed to me, to be very quiet through it all. It makes me wonder what was going through Austin’s head when all these accusations were being thrown at him. Nevertheless, Carlile didn’t seem to be phased by all the band drama circulating around him, because he soon went to work on his new project. All of this hate directed towards Carlile was great for Roush because it led former Carlile fans to him and he was soon announced the new frontman for Of Mice & Men. The group was featured on the Punk Goes Pop 3 compilation, covering the song Blame It, originally by Jamie Foxx. This later proved to be the only official band recording that featured Roush as the frontman of Of Mice & Men. Controversy wasn’t only entitled to Carlile, Roush seemed to jump right into center stage with his comment during one of Of Mice & Men’s live performances of the song Second & Sebring. During this song, which was written by Carlile, and is about his mother who has passed away, Roush insulted Carlile multiple times. This made Roush loose support when in came to being the face of Of Mice & Men. After fronting the band for nine moths, the band made a decision almost nobody saw coming, they chose to take Austin back as there frontman and let Jerry go. Roush took to his Twitter, a summed up version of his post would be that the band had no reason as to why they were kicking him out, but that he had new things up his sleeve and this wouldn’t be the last we hear of him.

Roush is now the frontman for Glass Cloud and after Carlile rejoined Of Mice & Men, they then recorded their follow up to their debut full-length, The Flood. I stress that this debate is just over being the frontman in Of Mice & Men, please acknowledge both of these men as the great musicians they are and go support both of there bands. Now that you know their stories as far as i could explain, whose’ a better frontman, Carlile or Roush?


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  1. Jeremy Adkins says :

    another good one dude, i have to say, i’v been a huge fan of austin’s work for a while, never listened to much from roush… but from my point of view it was kinda dumb what austin did leaving OM&M, but i’m just glad he came back to em because i am in love with his vocals….

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