Now, i know what everyone is thinking: “Why is this article about a rap group?” Well, I might as well start by answering everyones question by saying that rap is very vital to the scene. This blog is dedicated to underground music as a whole, this includes rap. And, might i say, that these boys are tearing up the scene. With their slick lyrics and head-nodding beats, they are showing no signs of stopping. This is none other than the eclectic rap duo The Cave Boys.


The Cave Boys is the brainchild of Elliot Tousley and Anthony Joseph. Deriving their name from Tousely’s basement, dubbed ‘The Man Cave,’ which is where this roller coaster of a ride started. After forming in their hometown of Keene, New Hampshire, the duo got together and started doing what they do best, and that is write some nasty rhymes. The two first released their first mixtape, which is up for free download, and is entitled Now Boarding. The mixtape consists of seventeen tracks which includes the bands hit song Life’s Good. The song showcases a sample from the theme song of the ever popular childrens show Rugrats, and the lyrics focus on positive lookouts on life. Not only with this song, but something that seems to be fairly prominent throughout all of their music is positive lyrics. This is something you don’t usually find a lot of in the scene, let alone rap itself, so it’s refreshing to see that these two are doing what they love and they’re doing it the way they want. They aren’t confiding to the everyday stereotype. The duo use beats that test their ability to make catchy music that people are going to want to listen to, however, they pass the test on every track.

Their new album, that is scheduled to be released February 2nd, is titled Pazzed-Up. The album is to feature 16 tracks. The first single off the album, Gettin’ It was released on iTunes on October 1st, 2011. From the sound of the single compared to the sound off of their earlier releases, you can tell that they are growing not only with the production, but with their voices as well. It sounds more mature and put together, not that there is anything wrong with their earlier releases, it’s just that with this release they have successfully surpassed anything they have ever done before. The Cave Boys are on the rise, and with the release of their new album that’s coming out very soon, i expect big things from them. I would definitely watch out for these two boys from New Hampshire, cause with the use of very unique beats and lyrics, they are here to “Change The World.”


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2 responses to “ON THE RISE: THE CAVE BOYS”

  1. Erin says :

    I likes their message. Thank you for turning us on to them :)

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