Yes, I realize I’m a little late on this, but it’s here, right? When I heard there was going to be new Memphis May Fire released soon, I was intrigued to say the least. As any MMF fan knows, when the band signed to Rise Records, they threw out their hardcore Southern roots for some shiny “new” 4/4 time breakdowns and synth loops with their debut Rise Records release, ‘The Hollow’. Now, by no means am I saying this was something bad for the band, they just progressed from one sound to another. This change was received differently from both ends, there was love for album, and there was hate.

With the bands release of their newest single, ‘Prove Me Right’, unfortunately, they haven’t returned to their southern hardcore roots. No, they have taken the sound they found on ‘The Hollow’ and have done nothing short of perfected it. Sure the song could be described as the “norm” when it’s being heard by naive ears, but if you look underneath the surface, you’ll find something that this dying scene is lacking: heart. And the lyrics to the rebellious anthem are exactly where you’ll find that heart. For example, in the first verse: “I swear I’m not bitter. I just see them for what they are; money hungry cowards sucking the blood out of artists & killing the art!”. Or the last two lines of the song: “So count your money & I’ll count my friends. We’ll see who’s richer in the end!” It’s enlightening to see a band step up and call out the corporate machines for what they really are. Finally, we see a song in which the lyrics aren’t just angry to be angry, they are angry because they have a reason to be.

With just this one song, I gained a lot of respect for the MMF crew, so I cannot wait to see what the rest of the album is going to sound like. The new full-length is due out June 26th. You can listen to ‘Prove Me Right’ below.



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