San Diego post-hardcore outfit, Secrets, recently revealed that they will be filming a brand new music video this weekend for their song, “Blindside.” You can check out a picture and statement about the video from the band below.

The track comes off the band’s debut album, The Ascent, which was released earlier this year, via Velocity/Rise Records. The band is currently gearing up to head out with Of Mice & Men in October and Woe, Is Me in November.

Alright guys, were stoked to announce that we will be filming our brand new music video for our song Blindside, September 22-24th right here in San Diego.  We’re really excited about this video for multiple reasons, but the main one being that we are taking creative control of this one into our own hands!  As some of you may know, our drummer Joe recently started a video production company with our good friend Michael Sutliff, called Elinn Media.  So as we had the option to go work with a big budget and big time director, we decided we wanted to do this one ourselves.  We partnered with Michael to write the entire treatment, and we are even building the set ourselves and filming in Joe’s back yard.  We’ve always wanted to stay as real and true to ourselves and our fans as possible and try to take the DIY approach to as much as we possibly can, and given the opportunity to make this video alongside one of our best friends we knew we had to make it happen.  We’ll keep everyone updated with the progress with lots of photos on our instagram (secretsofficial) as well as some good behind the scenes vids.  Once we have the video finished we will pick a release date but hopefully it will be within the next 6-7 weeks.

We hope you guys are excited as we are!


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