The Scene As We Know It is extremely proud to announce a brand new partnership with the promotional company, Aesthetic Heart Promotions. Every Tuesday, AHP will announce via Facebook that we are looking for bands to send in their material to us to be reviewed. You will be given two days from the time of the post to send in your material. We will choose one piece of material to review each week and will announce the winner when the review is posted, which will be on Tuesdays as well. We are very excited to discover some great music through this section and want to thank AHP for being such a great business partner!

So, without further adieu, here is the very first AHP review:


Since emerging in the mid 1980’s hardcore scene, the term ‘straight edge’ has grown from a simple, nonchalantly used label, to a full-on subculture movement. After being derived from the title of Minor Threat’s song of the same name, members of the movement refrain from indulging in any types of drugs or alcohol.

While bands have been uniting in the movement ever since its conception, a fairly new outfit recently reached out to us about a review that really caught our eyes. That was none other that the self-proclaimed, “clean life hardcore,” outfit, Locked In Silence.

Currently comprised of three members, vocalist Kaden Valdivieso (also played bass on the EP), guitarist Joe Valdivieso, and drummer Mark Icenogle, the band recently released their brand new EP, Standing X Strong, on September 15th. We’re not going to beat around the bush and say the release “has its melodic parts,” because honestly, it doesn’t – it’s flat out relentless. From the destructive “Common Sense,” to the groovy interlude in the EP’s closing track, “Fairweather,” it’s clear LIS know exactly what they’re doing.

However, as unforgiving the release is, it does have its faults. After the first couple tracks, the listening experience beings to get somewhat monotonous. It has enough substance to keep your attention, but it seems to be lacking in the variety department, which is a common fault that plagues many bands in the hardcore genre. That’s not to mention Kaden Valdivieso’s range-less screams. While they seamlessly fit the band’s sound, they just prove to add to the EP’s already repetitive feel.

Yes, the EP gets mundane towards the second half, but it still contains tracks like “Never Break,” which help keep the straight edge scene alive. While Standing X Strong has a repetitious moments, there is no questioning LIS’s motives and ability to write pernicious songs. If they can progress towards more diversity and find their sound as band, these three Californian natives will be an austere force to be reckoned with in the hardcore scene.


You can stream Standing X Strong below:


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