Music is a powerful element.
It’s moving, yet subtle. It’s simplistic, yet intricate. It can put to sleep, but also wake from the dead (figuratively speaking of course). It’s thought provoking, as well as mind inducing. It has the power to move mountains, but also silence thousands. The point I’m trying to reach is the fact that the limitations of music are virtually nonexistent – and that is exactly how one feels after listening to Great Counselor’s sophomore EP, Floating.The experimental outfit known as Great Counselor was founded earlier this year by the project’s sole member, Dave Woodard. Based in LaBelle, Florida, GC have something special going for them: they’re different. They don’t succomb to the “guidlines” of the current state of the scene. There isn’t a format to any of these songs, they just are what they are – and they’re surprisingly great tracks at that.

Almost entirely instrumental, Floating consists of 5 tracks, all that which clock in at over the 7 minute mark. In all honesty, there really isn’t a high or low point on the release. All of the tracks conglomerate within one another to create, in effect, a seamless flow and feel. From the opening track, “Forrest;Wild,” to the closer, “DreamCatcher,” Floating takes you on a moving, musical experience.

As aforementioned there really isn’t exactly a high or low point on the EP, but if one were to pick a high point, it would be surely be the moment towards the middle of the second track, “Sleepers,” where the band jumps from their ethereal cords into a much more modern, post-hardcore realm. This is also the only instance on the release where vocals are put into the blender of musical qualities that are presented on Floating. While this example of a genre change is short lived, it reveals more of what GC are capable of when it comes to straying away from their ten minute musical traverses – and it’s also the one thing that plagues the release. While some listeners will be hooked from the very first notes that ring out on Floating, others are going to find it hard to keep themselves interested in the musical ventures that compose the EP.

With the exception of its one minor default, Floating is a very impressive release from GC. It’s obvious that some mainstream audiences aren’t going to find solace in the tracks that the EP consists of, but that doesn’t mean no one can. Just because they aren’t composed of soaring choruses or your friends don’t like them, doesn’t mean you can’t. Great Counselor is made up of exactly what this scene needs: originality.



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