Bands come and go.

It’s an unfortunate aspect of the music industry. Just this past week we had iconic Christian metalcore outfit, Underoath, announce their impending breakup and alt rock group, Foo Fighters, revealed their hiatus. However, for 5 Windy City boys, the disbandment of their former bands proved to not be so bad in the end, as they led to the conception of their current endeavor, Marina City. Built out of the remanence of four former Chicago bands, Marina City is comprised of vocalist Ryan Alan, guitarists Brian Johnson and Ricky Sutton, keyboardist Matt Gaudiano, and drummer Eric Somers-Urrea. Their blend of dance-filled pop and catchy rock hooks is some of the most pristine in current Chicago scene. But it begs the question: Does the outfit’s debut EP, In The Wake Of Dreaming, justify them enough to stand out in an already extremely over-populated genre?

The overall answer is yes – but that rejoinder needs to be received with a slight amount of hesitation.

ITWOD is a bit of a roller coaster ride. The EP’s two opening tracks, “When Friends Become Enemies,” and “Goodbye Ilene,” set the mood for what seems like an upbeat, enjoyable listening experience. Unfortunately, this striking first impression is ultimately short lived. The next few songs don’t live up to the bar set by the first two. The band seem to abandon their pop-rock gem writing style for bland choruses (“Keep Your Faith In Me”), and harmonies gone bad (“My Last Chance”).

HOWEVER, don’t give up on ITWOD just yet, because Marina City set the fillers aside and save the best for last. The final two closing tracks, “Not All Who Wander Are Lost,” and “Oh Chicago,” conglomerate together to create the high point on the EP. The latter of which, while reminiscent of Mayday Parade, still holds enough personality to be a complete tear-jerker gem.

If one were to describe ITWOD in a few words, it would be this: A few great tracks and a handful of potential. Marina City have something great right in front of them, they just have to go get it. As aforementioned, all fillers aside, this is a very impressive release from such a young band.



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  1. Ricky Sutton says :

    thank you , i just wanted to say a lot of that work is old and our new stuff coming out is gonna be a lot better!

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