If after listening to Shapist‘s debut single, “We Speak In Volumes,” one were to say that the St. Louis progressive metalcore outfit formed not even seven months ago, the response would most likely be a hefty chuckle followed with a questioning as to if you were on any drugs.

In a lesser-complex sense, it’s extremely hard to believe that a band so young, could produce such a mind-bending debut single – but they are, and they did.

“We Speak In Volumes,” in short, is what most bands in this genre take entire careers to create – and this sextet did it in their very first produced song. The track features pernicious growls from unclean vocalist, Rex Carroll, which contrast uncannily with clean vocalist, Sam Bedichek’s glass-shattering highs. When we say glass-shattering, we mean it in the best way possible. In fact, Bedichek would have no problem competing alongside the likes of Anthony Green – yes, you read that correctly.

The instrumentation on “We Speak In Volumes,” is nothing short of major label worthy. From the intense guitar work of both Trevor West and Devan LaBrier to Jake Willman’s destructive ‘drumist’ poundings, this is the band’s warning that this scene better prepare itself, because Shapist is only getting started.

So what are you waiting for? Go check them out and after all you friends start listening to them, you can be the guy who “knew them before everyone else did.”



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