The post-hardcore genre has evolved tenfold since its conception in the 1980s. After deriving its original sound from revolutionary outfits such as Black Flag and The Effigies, the post-hardcore mold has progressed into a electronic chugging routine that many have grown to love, while others despise. It seems as though everyday we see new bands that jump on the widely known ‘crabcore’ bandwagon and get signed just for the sole fact that it’s what the kiddies yearn for.
Jumping on the extremely weighed down band wagon is Tampa, FL natives, Castles In the Sky. The extremely young quintet have taken todays definition of the post-hardcore genre and crafted it to near perfection on their debut EP, Valiant. From the pernicious, guttural growls and soaring cleans found throughout the entire release to the frequent use of vehement electronics and breakdowns conglomerated with ground trembling bass drops, CITS have quite obviously mastered the epitome of todays post-hardcore genre.
In other words, these five Florida boys can do no wrong, right? Not entirely.
Valiant, presents one major fault: It’s extremely vapid. The release contains almost nothing new in which the scene hasn’t been already been presented with before. Only so many people can jump on a bandwagon before the wheels come off and its progress ceases to exist. CITS show an immense amount of potential on their debut release, but unless they learn harness that energy and progress to the next level, they will easily get lost in this ever-growing, overpopulated place that we call the scene.
Go Download: “For Granted”


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