Post-hardcore outfit, Woe, Is Me, have released their very first tour blog, which documents the band as they are currently out on their first headlining tour. Written by clean vocalist, Hance Alligood, the blog also addresses some questions regarding the band’s first single they released off their upcoming sophomore full length, Genesi[s], “I’ve Told You Once,” stating that they, “didn’t really have any intention of releasing that song as a single at all,” and that, “The lyrics to the songs on Genesi[s] (as well as any other song we’ve ever released) were all written based on real situations, things that actually happened to us.”

You can check out the entire blog below:

Well the first week of tour has gone by and I gotta say, I have nothing but love and gratitude for every single person who has supported this tour in any way.

Special thanks to everyone who bought VIP/Meet & Greet tickets. It’s been an honor and a pleasure meeting all of you, and hearing your stories, getting to connect with you guys on a personal level. It’s an amazing feeling.

Favorite show so far would still have to be the opening night, honestly. I’ve never felt so much love and pride and good vibes from our hometown crowd before. The room was packed, the crowd was louder than we were.. simply breathtaking. But I’d have to say the show at The Warehouse in Houston TX would come in a close second! But seriously, every show has been spectacular and I don’t think we could ask for more on our first headliner, especially with the world being kind of scared and skeptical about the future of the band.. Things have been rocky, the waters have been rough.. But I’ve never been more confident and happy about the future.

I wanted to touch on the subject of the “hateful” sense people got from our first single “I’ve Told You Once”, seeing as I haven’t really opened up completely about it. Basically, a lot of people were really off-put by this song.. and to be completely honest, we didn’t really have any intention of releasing that song as a single at all. But.. sometimes things happen behind the scenes and decisions are made for us that we honestly have no control over and just have to go with.. That’s just the way things work in the music industry. Anyway.. Despite the seemingly negative message that song conveys, I want everyone who hears it to realize something:

The lyrics to the songs on Genesi[s] (as well as any other song we’ve ever released) were all written based on real situations, things that actually happened to us. No gimmicks, no filler.. basically just raw, and sometimes explicit emotions. And honestly, that’s how any musician or lyricist should write. If you have a story to tell through music, don’t sugar coat it. The things that happen in your life that influence your emotions and feelings and inevitably mold your views on everything should ALWAYS be evident in any form of art that you create. Whether it be a story of how someone changed your life for the better, or an angry, bitter tale of how you’ve been spit on, stabbed in the back, and basically mocked by someone who you thought had your best intentions at heart.. don’t fake it. Life isn’t always puppies and rainbows and happiness, that’s just unrealistic. That’s what makes music and art a beautiful thing. Basically, “I’ve Told You Once” was written at a time when lots of people in the band were extremely angry, heartbroken, and ultimately felt betrayed. Granted, the lyrics are honestly a little harsh. But people, it’s real.. that’s just how we felt at the time, as with every other song on the record. Each song has a different theme and message behind it, based on a specific situation. I know this part was pretty lengthy, and I apologize for that but if you read it all, I hope your questions were answered and any assumptions you had have been squashed. 

Now, that being said, another question we’ve been asked a lot: “Is every song on the new record full of hateful lyrics?” The answer to that is no way! Basically, the central theme of all this new stuff is whatever happens to you.. stand up for yourself, surround yourself with people who love you and have your back no matter what, live your life with your true friends beside you and remember to have a little fun, and if you’re angry and upset about anything, learn to channel those negative feelings into something positive and don’t let those things keep you down. Let go of the things in your life that hold you back. You are stronger than you know. You don’t have to be held down by things that you have no control over.
So now that I’ve basically written a novel.. The tour has been great so far. Here’s a few pictures I’ve either found online, from a photoshoot, or taken myself. Again, thanks to everyone who’s come out so far, it’s been a blast. Tickets are still on sale! Check and see when we’re coming to your area.

Until next week,

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