Flordia-based group, Apnea, flaunt a string of breakdowns and spastic riffs on their self-titled EP. In just four quick songs, the band covers over their various influences with a mixture of deathcore and post-hardcore.

I enjoy the variety the EP brings about. The talked vocals and the oddly soothing outro guitar make, ‘Business As Usual,” the most enjoyable song on the EP. The groovy guitar near the end of  “Maki Spring Rolls,” adds a great sense of diversity as well. I wish the band incorporated elements like this into their music more, because in small doses this album does surprise.

The guitars tend to chug a bit much, especially in the breakdown-heavy, “Redcliff Descent.” The guitarists are capable of creating some catchy riffs throughout the EP, and I wish they would utilize and branch off that more.  It would greatly improve their song structure.

My biggest complaint with the EP is some of the vocal sections. Some areas show the vocalist isn’t on par with the rest of the band, and his voice sounds too strained. It might be the recording quality, but his vocals just sound far too rough to blend well with everything else going on.

So, the tough question — Is the band pushing any boundaries?  Unfortunately, just a little. But for a self-produced debut EP, what all can you ask? I like the approach they’ve taken to really change things up and give each song it’s own feel.  And for the most part, it does work. If you enjoy the heavier side of post-hardcore/deathcore, I would say this EP is worth a listen.


Written by: Alex Wilking


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