Post hardcore – The meaning of this word has changed since its conception in the 80s. The scene today consists of a large amount of bands that would consider themselves ‘post-hardcore.’ From there, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that this is a recipe for disaster. With the extensive amount of bands taking aspects of the same genre, sooner or later all these bands are going to start sounding the same – and that is the exact conundrum the scene is faced with today.

However, although we have these various cookie cutter bands, we also have two other categories that bands fall into: innovators and boundary-pushers. Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania natives, From These Heights, fall directly into the latter of those to directories, and their latest single, “Clarity,” proves just that. Featuring Order By Sigma frontman, Joe Burcin, the track conglomerates every element of the post hardcore genre and pushes them to their limits. Everything from pernicious screams and soaring cleans, to prominent guitars and crisp, yet demanding drums, all make “Clarity,” the epitome of the post hardcore genre.

Now for the million dollar question: is being the epitome of any genre a good thing? The answer to that all depends on the situation, and in this case, it is without a doubt a good thing. The fact that FTH is such a young outfit and they are already competing with the leaders of their genre says a lot, and a whole lot more than we can put into words. So do yourself a favor and check them out – you won’t regret it.


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