The term ’emo’ is a common anomaly.  Used to describe everything from a music style to various forms of fashion, emo is a word that has been embedded into todays generation as a label of the outcasts. In the case of Canton, Michigan’s, Sea Salt, ’emo’ depicts the very subject matter of the lyrics that stem from the band.

Formed by seldom member, Kurt Roy, in the winter of 2010, Sea Salt just recently a brand new EP, titled, Songs You Can Sing Underwater. The EP contains 5 deeply honest, excessively bouncy tracks which prove to be slightly reminiscent of the vein of Owl City, but still relevant enough to contain its own substance in this over populated scene. From the whimsical feeling of, “Run On Sentences,” to the calming catchiness of, “Underwater Sleeping,” it’s quite obvious that Roy has something extremely special on his hands – but the question is, does he know it?

If one were to glance at the lyrics that compose SYCSU, the answer would most likely be negative. For example, the lyrics in the EP’s intro, “Home Siq,” read, “I’m becoming nothing more than a waste of space / And how many times did I forget to write you / When you sent me letters wishing me better? / I think, I’m falling apart.” In other words, this isn’t exactly the happiest music one could listen to, but does that mean it’s not worth a listen? Absolutely not. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. SYCSU has been on rotation for a while now over here at The Scene As We Know It, and for good reason. This debut release contains honest lyricism, reputable musicianship, and precise delivery, which is sometimes hard to find in a veteran outfit, let alone one person on their first EP.

What we’re trying to say is, Sea Salt is good – really good.


Go Download: Underwater Sleeping

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