312801_457778850946179_515434319_nWe recently caught up with Believers vocalist, Matt Elliott, and asked him if their was any strong opinions he had within the music scene today. His response to our questioning was one of maturity and humbleness, as he expanded upon two bands that have had an exponential impact on not only the music that he listens to, but his lifestyle as a whole.

You can check out his response below, and be sure to be on the look out for Believer’s debut EP, which is dropping later this January.

Alright, I have two bands that I have a great and strong feeling on. They are both HUGE influences on me as well. Starting with the first, would be my friends from Alpine, California, Being As An Ocean. They are a strong minded and positive melodic hardcore band, they just recently got signed a few months ago by InVogue Records, check them out as well, great label. I first met Being As An Ocean at a House Show I organized in my home town Mansfield, Texas. It was the first time I had actually heard their music, and Jesus Christ, they were amazing. They send out a positive message through their music, they are not judgemental at all towards anyone, and honestly they are definitely some of the sweetest dudes I have ever met in my life. The music they play just sends out a positive vibe, and you understand everything Joel (their vocalist) is spreading through within his lyrics, you can totally relate through mainly every song written. Struggles with change in a lifetime, and mixed thoughts, the music they write just brings together so many people and it’s just amazing. Lyrics are perfect, great music, great guys, great message. To learn their message, you honestly have to check it out for yourself and listen closely to what each song displays. The second band that I have a strong and positive opinion of, would be Heart In Hand from Bournemouth/Southampton, United Kingdom. They would definitely have to be a my second main influence in music. I think they are absolutely amazing and they send out a huge message as well. Reminder, they are releasing a new album soon so check out their page, and keep a lookout for it. “If Only My Eyes Could, Take Photographs, I Could See A Better Day, Everyday.” Very straight up, and emotional lyrics. Charlie (Vocalist), has an amazing mindset and writes some very soothing and personal lyrics, sort of as I said before, something all of us could learn from and definitely relate to. And thats something I mainly look for in a song, is lyrics and possibly how I could relate and connect with them, and maybe see their view of what they are going through and how they cope with a situation. But those two bands, are just simply beautiful, talented, each have a great mindset and future ahead, and bands that you could learn a lesson or two from. Check them out, learn something new.

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