Pop punk outfit, Young English, have announced that they will be performing at least one reunion show tonight at the Team Pagano/PropertyOfZack New Years Eve show with a brand new, currently unannounced vocalist, as they have parted ways with former frontman, Chris Pennings.

You can view official statements from both the band and Pennings below:

Young English :

Hey guys this is the band (as it is currently) perspective… Chris and I are actually still on good terms, so if you think we’re dicking him over, thats your belief.

Basically, Chris got a job making salary and decided it was in his best interest to do that instead of being in a touring band. We all agreed that this should be a time to end the band. Chris was a large factor in our music, and contributed a great deal to our sound. And that was the end. However as time went on, Matt, Barry and I decided that we wanted to continue writing music. We decided to continue on without CP.

Weather we continue on as a band at all, is still up to us. We haven’t made a permanent decision to do anything. We just know that we will continue making music.

Yes, CP was pissed off when we first brought our continuation to his observation. However, he already knew what we were doing. He has in time realized that we are just trying to fulfill our own dreams and accepted what we are doing as a band.

If you can not accept what we are doing, then don’t buy our records. Don’t support us. See if I give a fuck!
However, to those of you that do continue to give a fuck about us, I give you my upmost respect and devotion to you, as an artist, as a real human being to give you real dedication to what i care about. And that is to give you real sincere music, which is what our band has stood for the entire time. Care or don’t care, we’ll still be here.


Chris Pennings:

At this time I think it’s only fair and perfectly within my rights to make a short statement. I can’t speak to the future of this band, as I am no longer a part of it. I was not asked to be either. So, I have been replaced. I just want everyone to know that I will not be there tomorrow, and someone else will be singing my songs. I am no longer angry, just disappointed in the character of a few. Go to the show, have a lot of fun, be respectful of my friends the Pagano’s home, buy a Pentimento shirt, and get home safe.

I miss playing music a lot. I took some time away to straighten out my life as it grows more complicated with age. I never intended on it being permanent, and I will not let that be a decision made for me. I have a full length’s worth of the best songs I’ve ever written, that speak even truer to my heart than any I’ve written before. This band was built on the honesty and heart I put into writing, and I intend to do that with my next venture. A free two song EP is on the horizon, and a 7″ release will follow. I’m not rushing anything, just letting what comes naturally come.

But I’m excited to share it, because that’s what I love about music. Not partying, meeting all the right people, or playing in front of a thousand people. That was never what I really wanted. All I cared about is that something I made means something special to someone else. Thats where the true heart and soul of being a songwriter should lie. See you soon.

-Chris Pennings


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