Ticks Talk is a new progressive metal band hailing all the way from India. With a very Pinkly Smooth sounding groove, they have released their first single, entitled, “Drug Dimension.” “Drug Dimension,” which is a crazy sounding track, was completely unexpected. The song was written about a mad scientist who was frustrated about the world being such a dark place, so he traversed into the future to discover an even darker world.

It starts off with a very beautiful piano, but is abruptly ruined by the undertoned chugging of guitars. The synths and piano feel entirely out of place during most of the song, but in certain parts, it highlights the tracks overall feel very well. Hearing the guitar solo towards the end was very reasurring, because it told me there is more to this band other then just crazy synth and guitar chugging.

All in all, I wasn’t a huge fan of this single, but they’re a young band, with only the future ahead of them.


Written By: Robert Weston


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