When Did So Fresh Start?

I started the company in August of 2011 with the intent to help bands get the fans and recognition that they need.

Where did the idea in starting an interview/promotional company come from?

I thought it would be a good idea to help bands get the support and exposure they needed, I had previously worked for a company called Miears Music Management and realized that most bands don’t have a broad following, so I decided to change that.

Where did the name So Fresh come from?

It’s really dumb, I am a skateboarder and I have always said, “Dude that hat or shirt is So Fresh!” So when I created my company I named it that.

What is the goal behind So Fresh?

The Goal was to create a company that bands and company’s could turn to, in order to get a broader fan base and more consumers of merch,albums, ext…..

What made So Fresh want to get involved in the music scene?

Great question! Well, I went to a lot of shows when I was younger including working for Miears Music Management, I noticed small turnouts for shows. Well I thought if bigger bands can get a good following, then locals should be able to get that recognition as well.

Does So Fresh endorse any bands?

We have a roster, which includes daily promotion, daily shoutouts, exclusive ladder features and a bunch of other great things we can offer. We currently have 4 companies on our Roster. Which includes: Firewheel Clothing, Miears Music Management, At Your Command Records and Miears Entertainment. If people want to be part of our roster they shoot us an email at and I send them the Info.

What does So Fresh have in store for the future?

I have a lot planned of which is in store and later to be released. So keep in touch and Stay Fresh!


-Jake Brown (CEO/Founder)


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