In this day and age, finding real musicians in the music industry can, unfortunately, be a disheartening task. With a large portion of this scene comprised of so called “artists” whose only goal is to make a quick buck, stumbling across a group of musicians who actually care about their fans along with the music they create can be contrasted to the equivalent of striking gold. If you’ve ever had the distinct privilege to unearth the musical bliss that is Good Luck Varsity, then you know exactly what ‘striking gold’ feels like.

Canton, Michigan, natives, GLV, recently independently released their third EP, titled, Mountains. After giving the three-track release a handful of thorough listens, it’s simple to see the sole burden it bears: it’s far to short. Granted, it is only an EP, however, once you’ve listened to Mountains all the way through (just shy of 13 minutes), you’re going to feel such an utter sadness due to the fact that it’s over, you’ll have no choice but to listen to it again, and again, and again, and… you get the point.

The band kick things off with “Firstborn.” A slightly Taking Back Sunday reminiscent track which has enough power to raise the south and take it down again. Right off the bat, you can notice the most unique feature GLV has to offer, and that is their constant rotation of vocals. Each and every member of the band contributes their own vocal chords to make their sound unparalleled.

The release seamlessly transitions into, “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose,” which is arguably the bands best piece of material to date. Insanely powerful hooks, unmistakeable musicianship, and pristine lyricism conglomerate together to create a track that is destined to dominate the airwaves of speakers everywhere.

GLV close the EP with a moving acoustic ditty, titled, “Rewind,” which features fellow pop rockers, Rival Season. And just like that, you find yourself having an undying quench for more GLV, so you repeat this entire process over again. In a simpler sense, GLV have something extremely special on their hands and it has left us yearning for more (*cough* full length *cough*). We’re sure you will too.


Written by: Tyler Sharp


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