A genre of music can only be revised so many times before it starts to become irrelevant. This scene is comprised of countless amounts of bands which constantly fall captive to this ever-so common enigma. Thankfully, however, we are blessed with exceptions to this so-called rule of thumb. Danish metalcore outfit, Lost In Despair, are one of those exceptions.

After just forming in early fall of 2012, the band entered the studio a few months ago to record their debut EP, Departure. The release, which features an intro and three full tracks, proves that there is still hope for this dying scene. At first listen, it may seem as though Departure could easily get misplaced amongst the vast array of other outfits in similar areas of the scene. However, if you peer beneath the surface, you’d see that LID conglomerate various elements of hardcore sub-genres to create pieces of music that are sure to have a positive impact on listeners. From August Burns Red – like guitar riffage (“Leave It All Behind,”) to vocals redolent of both As I Lay Dying and I, The Breather alike (“Lost,”), Departure proves to be an extremely enjoyable listen, rather than a previously preconceived letdown.

It’s quite conspicuous that after such a thorough debut EP, LID have a full-proof, shining future ahead of them. However, the only thing that stands in their way is self satisfaction. Granted, it is a very impressive release from such a young outfit, but they need to continue expanding their horizons and not pigeon hold themselves for the rest of their careers. If LID can manage that simple feat, it would be preposterous to say they are “just another metalcore band.”


Written by: Tyler Sharp

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