Electronic post hardcore outfit, Of Machines, have released an official statement which reveals the lineup which will be featured on the bands final EP, Honor The Season, as well as a fundraiser the band has launched to help fund the release.

You can donate to the fundraiser here, and check out the official statement below:

Welcome to the new headquarters of everything that is OM.  From here on you will be able to access news, updates, media, and a plethora of more good things to come. On behalf of all of us (Jon, Mark, Bennett, Mike, Dylan) we are all so deeply humbled and moved by the overly amazing response of our return for this extended play. Your kind words and heavy emotion are inspiring and can only undoubtedly say that we have to best fans in the universe, to everyone who has kept us in your hearts and minds within our four year hiatus, we couldn’t thank you enough.  We know there has been quite some speculation going around as to whether or not we’d be continuing on after this record and even though we cannot give a full answer at this point, we can assure you that we will be working hard to see that this can be a linear venture.  Now to talk about what our mission for ‘Honor The Season’ will be and how it can affect the outcome of this record’s process. As you know, a good amount of musicians have been seeking funding for their projects through the increasingly growing website Kickstarter. Although we feel it could help with our record, we don’t feel like we need a whole full-blown funding page with a pretentious video of “how we need your money”, you already know we need your help within these hard times in the music industry. Even though we don’t have rewards to go with your donations, we will have a few surprises based on the growth of donations made to this record. The lack of the rewards is because we are simply putting forth all of our efforts into doing the extended play, instead of promotional items. We also decided not go through Kickstarter because we don’t have an initial goal, in that we want to see through our dedicated fans as to how much you think this EP is worth backing. What ever is donated and or the final accumulation of funding is received, is what we will be putting into production costs for the record. It will also be for the time writing and time taken off from our regular places of work. We want this album to go beyond the limitations of AIEWHIP and deliver something that we feel has been materializing this entire time apart. We all are very ecstatic about this and have been getting preparations made to bring you the greatest record we can make for you. We just need your help to get this done and who knows, there might be even a whole album within our midst later down the road. It all depends on you and your ever growing love for what we love doing for you. So please, even if it’s a dollar, it can help in honoring the season. Get ready for an amazing year and an even better beginning to the reunion of OF MACHINES! Place your donations below.


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