Zack Zarrillo, founder and CEO at PropertyOfZack, has released an official statement regarding the rumors surrounding POZ’s supposed confirmation of a Fall Out Boy reunion in the coming weeks.

You can read the lengthy statement here, or check it out below:

Two Months Of Playing Hot Potato With A Ticking Time Bomb

Yes, yesterday I broke the news that Fall Out Boy would be reuniting in 2013 after a three-plus year hiatus. But there’s a whole story behind it that I feel I should share as well.

On the original catch of the hot potato
A Fall Out Boy reunion has been something rumored since the day they left the stage for the final time opening for blink-182 at Madison Square Garden in 2009 (a show I attended). So, how did this all go down?

In early-December, shortly after the band began discussing making a comeback, I was told by a longstanding friend/source that things were moving again in the band’s camp. I knew he was not lying to me, but there was nothing I could do with that information. I wasn’t going to leak the second biggest reunion this scene has ever been a part of because of one source. That’s not how things work.

A few weeks later, by total happenstance, I ran into a friend who hinted that holds were being placed at large venues by band with no name. He didn’t know who it was, but at that moment I did. As time continued I further confirmed this source number true that the band in question was in fact the band that is now reuniting.

Two down, technically one to go. While I have/had more than three sources, there was one in particular I needed before I could go forward on this. Yesterday morning I got the news I needed after a long two months of extreme patience.

On dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s
One of the greatest lessons I ever learned in my life was the day that SupJustin “exclusively revealed” that Brand New were breaking up. I was sitting in my high school library senior year partially freaking out and partially truly being unable to believe that it was true. The day SupJustin ran that story was the first day of the end of his career. In the back of my mind through this entire process was SupJustin’s sealed fate, and I thought about it every single day.

My team and I have worked relentlessly from literally a month after Fall Out Boy went on hiatus until yesterday to build up the trust with readers worldwide to break news like this.

On burning some bridges, but not all of them
If you were to go to my Facebook or Linkedin profiles, you’d learn pretty quickly that I interned at Crush/Decaydance a few years back. I knew from the moment I heard a whisper about a concrete reunion that if I pulled the trigger on this story that I would burn bridges that had partially helped PropertyOfZack become what it is today. But this is my job, and that’s a risk I was willing to take.

However, if I truly wanted to, I could have ran this with three concrete sources before Christmas, but I chose not to. There are so many parties in play for something as big as this, and taking the time to separate what bridges will undoubtedly be burned and what bridges should not be burned is hard. I had a ticking time bomb in my hand for a full month knowing that other websites and publishers knew what I knew. But I took the time to preserve relationships where I could. And it was the right call to make.

Sidenote: No individuals at Crush/Decaydance were my sources.

On sources
There have been demands and disbelief over the fact that I refuse to reveal my “trusted sources.” Even Scott Heisel of AltPress, a publication that has been running for close to 30 years,suggested that they would not credit me if I could not credit my sources. Now let me tell you, that’s some bullshit.

I in no way am comparing POZ to the NYT or WSJ, but established publications everyday claim and break news by “trusted sources” and those writers do not have angry readers carrying e-pitchforks banging on their e-door. As a journalist, I locked down the most concrete sources I could, I checked everyday for new and wrong information, and posted the news. The job I’m here to do.

The reason this story on the site even exists is because my sources knew I was not going to name names. I’ve built relationships with people that I admire and like. Burning bridges, but not all of them.

Sidenote: Unlike many of my colleagues, I do not dislike Scott Heisel, Mike Shea, or AltPress. In fact, I admire much of what they’ve done, I just have different opinions on what they should be doing now.

On PupFresh and those who see a false reality
There have been rumors from non-credible sites for months now, but they weren’t real. Sure, a Fall Out Boy reunion has always somewhere been planned to happen, but nothing was concrete until a few months ago. Nothing was concrete until holds for venues started getting sent out and that contracts were beginning to get signed. It wasn’t until then that I truly started hunting for my scoop.

I’m not sure if PupFresh knows why no one believed them, but the rest of the world does. They look like the boy who cried wolf too many times. They look like a bunch of sore losers who are too far up their own asses to realize that no one respects them. I’m aware that of friendships, relationships, and viewers that I have lost in the past three years of running POZ due to tactics they do not deem respectful or credible, but I never cried about it on Twitter. I never stooped as pathetically low as posting a video of one of their two site runners playing guitar at age 16 on POZ because I had a moment of crisis realizing that I’m never getting a job and never leaving my mom’s basement like they did.

I have no problem saying what I think and believe. Some of us operate in the right way, some of us don’t.

On Jason Tate and on apologies
Jason played me well. I came to him once or twice in the past two months telling him what I knew, and he told me to get more sources. I got the source I needed and I went for it. I did however have very shitty timing, and I apologize to him and my other AbsoluteVoices colleagues for it. If there is ever a next time, things will be more planned.

More on Jason: There are few people in this music scene that are more trusted and respected than Jason Tate. I created a shitstorm for him, but he stood behind me because he knows how journalism should work, even though most of the time it doesn’t. We cannot always wait for a press release. Sometimes we have to actually do our own job. While POZ is certainly credible, I expected waves of doubt. Jason backing me up changed the minds of many. And It’s an honor to work with them, especially when it counts most.

Sidenote: Jason, I owe you alcohol.

On thank yous
Those that truly know me know that I have put everything into this site. And that I have lost so much because of it as well – a regretful amount, in fact. The amount of panic attacks and lost sleep I’ve gotten over these past two months navigating this have been countless. But it was worth it.

I kept this incredibly close to my chest. My Grace and Connor, my best friend from childhood, my good friend Joe, and I think Jesse were the only people who knew from me telling them, besides my mother and father, because I needed their help in navigating the waters of this. And they all proved to be priceless.

On what I think Fall Out Boy should do
Disclaimer: I have absolutely zero idea of Fall Out Boy’s reunion plans outside of the next few months and anything below is either made up, a dream, or my own personal hopes.

– Come clean on reunion within three weeks
– Play small and big shows leading up to the summer
– Do European festivals
– Do a ten year Take This To Your Grave tour this fall
– Write and release an album for 2014
– Tour on it, and see how it does
– Do a ten year From Under The Cork Tree tour in 2015
– Reevaluate their position as a band both internally and where they stand with fans
– Continue making music and touring or break up


Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to tweet me, and I’ll be sure to answer. I doubt this will be the only post that gets made about this situation, but this will certainly be the longest.

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