When did Funeral Sounds start?

We started as a review site in September of 2012.

Where did the idea in starting a record label / review site come from?

Chase and I had been talking about it for a while, it just took us a while to finally get it started. The record label part happened purely because of a (Facebook) status Chase tagged me in saying, “Let’s make Funeral Sounds a label,” and I said okay and we just sorted a couple things out and made the announcement.

Where did the name Funeral Sounds come from?

Well, we started on Blogspot as Troo Scrums as a joke about true screamo or skramz or whatever you want to call it. We wanted to change it and we also made the shift to Tumblr the first day, I believe the day after Funeral Sounds was decided.

What is the goal behind Funeral Sounds?

For me, the goal is to help bands we love release their records and maintain a good relationship with our customers. One thing I really want to make sure of is that we make sure to take in all suggestions and solve any problems or at least acknowledge the fact that they exist as quickly as possible if they arrive. Shipping time is important to me as well.

What made you guys want to get involved in the music scene?

Chase and I are really into our respective local music communities as well as other communities that we hear about all the time. We’re into mostly the same bands and we both wanted to help out our respective communities so that kind of sprouted out of that. We both write, but not as much as we should so I think we both used the review side of Funeral Sounds as a motivation for us to write more.

What bands are currently on your roster?

Our most recent was Shark Bait, an emo hardcore band from Louisiana. We have two bands from Arizona, Alaurabyrd and I Would Run That Stoplight For You.

What does Funeral Sounds have in store for the future?

We have some releases planned and multiple reviews to write, we’re very excited and very confident about the upcoming year.

– Mark Garza (Co-Owner)


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