Boy oh boy, where are we even supposed to start? We could write a five thousand word write-up documenting the chronicles of Mr. Ronald Radke, and it would hardly scratch the surface of the musicians tumultuous time in the music scene. From various amounts of jail time to selling hundreds of thousands of albums, saying Radke has created a whirlwind would be an understatement. But the question remains, does he deserve your support?

Let’s start off where he started off: post hardcore outfit, Escape The Fate. Radke formed the band with Max Green in 2004. Shortly after signing to Epitaph, the band (*cough* Ronnie *cough*) began to run into difficulties. In an attempt to settle differences, an altercation between the band and various other persons took place in a desert outside of Las Vegas. The fight resulted in the death of 18 year old Michael Cook. In the end, Radke was charged, along with his past drug abuse, with 5 years if probation. A few years later (2008), Ronnie failed to report to his parole officer and was reprimanded by authorities. He was sentenced to two years in prison.

Think it stops there? Unfortunately, you’re wrong. After being released from jail, Ronnie created a brand new project, titled, Falling In Reverse. The outfit wasted no time, as they recorded their debut album, The Drug In Me Is You, and released it in the Summer of 2011. Things were finally starting to look up for the frontman, who seemed to have turned a new leaf, so to speak. Well, around the beginning of last summer, it must’ve gotten windy, because that “new leaf” began to get thrown around. Radke soon found himself back in jail, for a brief stay this time, after conducting domestic assault on his girlfriend. Not soon afterwards, he was reprimanded yet again, this time for throwing mic stands into the crowd during one of FIR’s performances, injuring multiple crowd members.

Done, right? Not so much. The vocalist’s most recent travesty involved the removal of electronic post hardcore outfit, I See Stars, from FIR’s recent headlining tour, The Thug In Me Is You. Radke’s rebuttal for the seemingly rash action? Members of ISS were recently arrested on accounts of marijuana possession, therefore Radke believed they were a “threat” to his sobriety, so he removed them from the tour. This caused extreme unrest amongst the bands fans. For the remainder of the tour, Radke and the rest of FIR were greeted with boos and overwhelming chants for justice for I See Stars. He even went as far as kicking out countless amounts of concert attendees just because they didn’t support his actions.

So there you have it. The complete (brief) history of Ronald Joseph Radke. Thoughts? Opinions? It’s quite obvious the vocalist has been through a lot, but it also doesn’t look like he intends on slowing down any time soon. According to a recent interview with Alternative Press, not only is FIR scheduled to release a sophomore full length this year, but Ronnie is going to become a daddy as well. Nevertheless, no matter your final verdict of the infamous vocalist, it’s people like him that make our jobs a whole lot more interesting.

Written by: Tyler Sharp


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