In recent years, the pop punk scene has been revived with bands such as Set Your Goals, The Wonder Years, and Four Year Strong, to name a few. Together We Fight, a five piece outfit from Maidstone, UK, is a force to look out for. The band recently released their latest EP, Get a New Hero, independently and it has made quite an impression. 

The EP opens with a nice pop punk vibe that most in the scene will instantly feel at home with, which then follows with a transition into some fairly exceptional clean vocals. The hints of unclean vocals are welcome with open ears, although they sometimes don’t quite blend with the instrumentals. Transitions from song to song are seamless, and the vocal patterns and harmonies are enough to keep anyone interested. The guitar parts are somewhat average, but that doesn’t detract from the overall sound of the EP. The mixing is superb, giving the band an overall sense of professionalism. 

Overall, TWF don’t bring much new to the table, but rather they solidify the sound that most pop punk bands truly aim to achieve. This EP can easily stand its ground among the greats in the genre.


Written by: Addison Hussey


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