“For me it’s kind of funny how a girl that I met in the first grade could inspire a song that many years later. I hope she hears this song and realizes that this whole mess I’ve gotten myself into is all because of her,” said Don’t Call It A Comeback frontman, Cody Almond, when asked what the bands brand new single, “About Staying,” was about. Which just goes to show, something great really can come out of a bad situation – because the track really is something great.

Stripped down and emotively driven, “About Staying,” captivates everything the pop punk genre represents into one stellar track. Will initially calming, the track holds a angst-ridden message with a whimsical acoustic guitar. However, by the end of the track, the band is kicking on all seven cylinders with drums and soaring harmonies.

To put it lightly, heartbreak sucks. But if this is what comes out of it, heartbreak might not be such a bad thing.


Written by: Tyler Sharp


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