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Deathcore outfit, As They Burn, have released a brand new song, titled, “F.R.E.A.K.S.,” which features guest vocals from both Frankie Palmeri (Emmure) and Aaron Matts (Betraying The Martyrs).

You can check out the new track below:



Christian metalcore outfit, August Burns Red, have released have released a video for their addition to the 2013 Vans Warped Tour. They were announced alongside Never Shout Never, Black Veil Brides, Bring Me The Horizon, Crizzly, Psycho White, and 3OH!3.

You can check out the new video below:


Christian metalcore outfit, August Burns Red, have announced via Facebook that they will be making an “interesting announcement” within the next 24 hours. Warped Tour is also slated to announce 8 new bands in this time frame.

You can check out the post below:

Interesting announcement coming in the next 24 hours. Stay tuned.


Christian metalcore outfit, August Burns Red, have revealed via Facebook that they are writing new material. The band is slated to release a brand new full length sometime 2013 via Solid State Records.

You can check out the Facebook post and a picture from the band below:

Picture 1


The ninth batch of bands for the 2013 Vans Warped Tour have been announced. They will be revealing a new batch of bands every week so stay tuned to The Scene As We Know It for further information regarding the festivals lineup.

You can check out this weeks announcement below:

  • Never Shout Never
  • Bring Me The Horizon (6/19 – 8/4)
  • Black Veil Brides
  • August Burns Red
  • Psycho White (6/15-6/30)


Zack Zarrillo, founder and CEO at PropertyOfZack, has released an official statement regarding the rumors surrounding POZ’s supposed confirmation of a Fall Out Boy reunion in the coming weeks.

You can read the lengthy statement here, or check it out below:

Two Months Of Playing Hot Potato With A Ticking Time Bomb

Yes, yesterday I broke the news that Fall Out Boy would be reuniting in 2013 after a three-plus year hiatus. But there’s a whole story behind it that I feel I should share as well.

On the original catch of the hot potato
A Fall Out Boy reunion has been something rumored since the day they left the stage for the final time opening for blink-182 at Madison Square Garden in 2009 (a show I attended). So, how did this all go down?

In early-December, shortly after the band began discussing making a comeback, I was told by a longstanding friend/source that things were moving again in the band’s camp. I knew he was not lying to me, but there was nothing I could do with that information. I wasn’t going to leak the second biggest reunion this scene has ever been a part of because of one source. That’s not how things work.

A few weeks later, by total happenstance, I ran into a friend who hinted that holds were being placed at large venues by band with no name. He didn’t know who it was, but at that moment I did. As time continued I further confirmed this source number true that the band in question was in fact the band that is now reuniting.

Two down, technically one to go. While I have/had more than three sources, there was one in particular I needed before I could go forward on this. Yesterday morning I got the news I needed after a long two months of extreme patience.

On dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s
One of the greatest lessons I ever learned in my life was the day that SupJustin “exclusively revealed” that Brand New were breaking up. I was sitting in my high school library senior year partially freaking out and partially truly being unable to believe that it was true. The day SupJustin ran that story was the first day of the end of his career. In the back of my mind through this entire process was SupJustin’s sealed fate, and I thought about it every single day.

My team and I have worked relentlessly from literally a month after Fall Out Boy went on hiatus until yesterday to build up the trust with readers worldwide to break news like this.

On burning some bridges, but not all of them
If you were to go to my Facebook or Linkedin profiles, you’d learn pretty quickly that I interned at Crush/Decaydance a few years back. I knew from the moment I heard a whisper about a concrete reunion that if I pulled the trigger on this story that I would burn bridges that had partially helped PropertyOfZack become what it is today. But this is my job, and that’s a risk I was willing to take.

However, if I truly wanted to, I could have ran this with three concrete sources before Christmas, but I chose not to. There are so many parties in play for something as big as this, and taking the time to separate what bridges will undoubtedly be burned and what bridges should not be burned is hard. I had a ticking time bomb in my hand for a full month knowing that other websites and publishers knew what I knew. But I took the time to preserve relationships where I could. And it was the right call to make.

Sidenote: No individuals at Crush/Decaydance were my sources.

On sources
There have been demands and disbelief over the fact that I refuse to reveal my “trusted sources.” Even Scott Heisel of AltPress, a publication that has been running for close to 30 years,suggested that they would not credit me if I could not credit my sources. Now let me tell you, that’s some bullshit.

I in no way am comparing POZ to the NYT or WSJ, but established publications everyday claim and break news by “trusted sources” and those writers do not have angry readers carrying e-pitchforks banging on their e-door. As a journalist, I locked down the most concrete sources I could, I checked everyday for new and wrong information, and posted the news. The job I’m here to do.

The reason this story on the site even exists is because my sources knew I was not going to name names. I’ve built relationships with people that I admire and like. Burning bridges, but not all of them.

Sidenote: Unlike many of my colleagues, I do not dislike Scott Heisel, Mike Shea, or AltPress. In fact, I admire much of what they’ve done, I just have different opinions on what they should be doing now.

On PupFresh and those who see a false reality
There have been rumors from non-credible sites for months now, but they weren’t real. Sure, a Fall Out Boy reunion has always somewhere been planned to happen, but nothing was concrete until a few months ago. Nothing was concrete until holds for venues started getting sent out and that contracts were beginning to get signed. It wasn’t until then that I truly started hunting for my scoop.

I’m not sure if PupFresh knows why no one believed them, but the rest of the world does. They look like the boy who cried wolf too many times. They look like a bunch of sore losers who are too far up their own asses to realize that no one respects them. I’m aware that of friendships, relationships, and viewers that I have lost in the past three years of running POZ due to tactics they do not deem respectful or credible, but I never cried about it on Twitter. I never stooped as pathetically low as posting a video of one of their two site runners playing guitar at age 16 on POZ because I had a moment of crisis realizing that I’m never getting a job and never leaving my mom’s basement like they did.

I have no problem saying what I think and believe. Some of us operate in the right way, some of us don’t.

On Jason Tate and on apologies
Jason played me well. I came to him once or twice in the past two months telling him what I knew, and he told me to get more sources. I got the source I needed and I went for it. I did however have very shitty timing, and I apologize to him and my other AbsoluteVoices colleagues for it. If there is ever a next time, things will be more planned.

More on Jason: There are few people in this music scene that are more trusted and respected than Jason Tate. I created a shitstorm for him, but he stood behind me because he knows how journalism should work, even though most of the time it doesn’t. We cannot always wait for a press release. Sometimes we have to actually do our own job. While POZ is certainly credible, I expected waves of doubt. Jason backing me up changed the minds of many. And It’s an honor to work with them, especially when it counts most.

Sidenote: Jason, I owe you alcohol.

On thank yous
Those that truly know me know that I have put everything into this site. And that I have lost so much because of it as well – a regretful amount, in fact. The amount of panic attacks and lost sleep I’ve gotten over these past two months navigating this have been countless. But it was worth it.

I kept this incredibly close to my chest. My Grace and Connor, my best friend from childhood, my good friend Joe, and I think Jesse were the only people who knew from me telling them, besides my mother and father, because I needed their help in navigating the waters of this. And they all proved to be priceless.

On what I think Fall Out Boy should do
Disclaimer: I have absolutely zero idea of Fall Out Boy’s reunion plans outside of the next few months and anything below is either made up, a dream, or my own personal hopes.

– Come clean on reunion within three weeks
– Play small and big shows leading up to the summer
– Do European festivals
– Do a ten year Take This To Your Grave tour this fall
– Write and release an album for 2014
– Tour on it, and see how it does
– Do a ten year From Under The Cork Tree tour in 2015
– Reevaluate their position as a band both internally and where they stand with fans
– Continue making music and touring or break up


Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to tweet me, and I’ll be sure to answer. I doubt this will be the only post that gets made about this situation, but this will certainly be the longest.


A genre of music can only be revised so many times before it starts to become irrelevant. This scene is comprised of countless amounts of bands which constantly fall captive to this ever-so common enigma. Thankfully, however, we are blessed with exceptions to this so-called rule of thumb. Danish metalcore outfit, Lost In Despair, are one of those exceptions.

After just forming in early fall of 2012, the band entered the studio a few months ago to record their debut EP, Departure. The release, which features an intro and three full tracks, proves that there is still hope for this dying scene. At first listen, it may seem as though Departure could easily get misplaced amongst the vast array of other outfits in similar areas of the scene. However, if you peer beneath the surface, you’d see that LID conglomerate various elements of hardcore sub-genres to create pieces of music that are sure to have a positive impact on listeners. From August Burns Red – like guitar riffage (“Leave It All Behind,”) to vocals redolent of both As I Lay Dying and I, The Breather alike (“Lost,”), Departure proves to be an extremely enjoyable listen, rather than a previously preconceived letdown.

It’s quite conspicuous that after such a thorough debut EP, LID have a full-proof, shining future ahead of them. However, the only thing that stands in their way is self satisfaction. Granted, it is a very impressive release from such a young outfit, but they need to continue expanding their horizons and not pigeon hold themselves for the rest of their careers. If LID can manage that simple feat, it would be preposterous to say they are “just another metalcore band.”


Written by: Tyler Sharp


The third batch of bands for the 2013 Vans Warped Tour have been announced. They will be revealing a new batch of bands every week so stay tuned to The Scene As We Know It for further information regarding the festivals lineup.

You can check out this weeks announcement below:

Forever The Sickest Kids
Tonight Alive
Action Item
The Early November
Upon A Burning Body
Shy KidX
Oh, Sleeper



Electronic post hardcore outfit, Attack Attack!, have lost both frontman Caleb Shomo and bassist John Holgado. Shomo’s departure was confirmed by a post on PropertyOfZack, but has not yet released an official statement. Holgado released a lengthy statement regarding his leaving of the band.

Also, according to another post from PropertyOfZack, Phil Druyor, frontman for I Am Abomination, has been confirmed as Shomo’s replacement.

You can check out both posts from PropertyOfZack here and here, and read Holgado’s statement below:

To whom this may concern, this is John Holgado and I would like to officially announce my departure with Attack Attack!

To clear things up in a very cliche manner, Andrew Whiting, Andrew Wetzel, and Caleb Shomo have been and will always be some of my best friends. The reason I decided to leave had only been lingering in my head for the past 6 or so months. If only I had a way to state this reason but it simply is more than just a resolved answer because what is relevant with why I left, concerns the past 2 of the 5 years we have toured as a band. For those who’ve read this far, you now know I’ve left, and to the readers who would like to hear what has almost ended and could have taken any relationship I could ever imagined with my friends, family, and especially… my self .

(To lighten up the mood I have to announce I just lit up a cigarette for this next part. Also, smoking is bad)

Well those who have continued reading, I could not thank you enough to be open ears to what is to be my first ever attempt to voice what I have to say in the years I’ve been with AA!

These have been the best and the absolute worst past years of my life and I know that for a fact. Nothing will replace all of the memories I’ve made with the countless amounts of friends and or what I consider a part of my family that I’ve been gracious to meet. I, today, for once have reviewed my life in my head in a positive way. I really do mean that. I say that, because what I learned was wrong growing up as a kid, I slowly, so slowly over the years of touring began to think was right. I’m not intending to skew being in a band or touring or anything involving music. I am admitting, and fully embarrassing myself in front of you all because I hope one day, at least one of you will reconsider ever taking what your parents granted you the opportunity with, which is the ability to live.

I today, am admitting that I am was/were/have been/am clinically depressed. Why such a confusing statement? Because my book doesn’t end at the first chapter. I would say the first chapter would be first and foremost, distancing myself from something everyone else has in common.. My blood related family and relatives.

My family meant the world to me, they raised me to what they thought was best, patient enough to deal with my flaws, and supported me every single bit of the way to success that I myself would try and reach. What went wrong though? The lack of communication, of myself and to others.
I hate to make this public but I come from a split family. My parents tried so hard even though they went through what had to happen to make my brother, sister, and myself happy. What took me away from this seems like touring, but again was myself. Please If you could take anything from this if you’ve made it this far, is to accept who you are, who you were, where you came from, and what you will be. I cannot reiterate enough how valuable your own identity is.

This is where I chose to embarrass myself…. I am fully aware that anyone could judge me or point fingers and laugh but hey, I’m enjoying my life as of now and nothing will ever bring me below where I’ve already hit.

I slowly without the guidance of my parents, was doing life on my own at the age of 16, dropped out of high school and hit the road. Your brain is such a valuable thing that everyone is born with, but not a single one would ever be like anyone else’s… Unless you have the capability of repetitive negative thoughts. I am saying this because I hope that by reading this, you at least know what really DID happen to me, and how powerful your brain really is.

With these years of touring without a guiding light, I unintentionally trained my brain to accept that the fears in my head, are the fears in front of me.
I cannot even begin to tell you how many days have went by on and or off tour where I have legitimately, lied in bed the whole day looking at the ceiling. Seems so simple to fix right? Just get out of bed and do something why don’t you? Well that’s where my family again is relevant to this situation. I tell you, I absolutely did not listen to anyone or anything, and excuses became my most comfortable flaw… It literally, and LITERALLY, took me taking a chance at raising a 8 week old pup on my own. My god the first three days were hell. Over and over my anxiety and depression triggered my brain that this is a useless act of selfishness. The dog would seem to never listen. My impatience was already over my head… I did not have a positive chance in even thinking I could make a change for the better.

It suddenly clicked in my head..
I simply never listened. That moment was the first step in changing my life, and what felt so good about it, was unselfishly, it was for myself. A ease was off my shoulders but a boulder still remained… And it gets more embarrassing..

For months now I’ve thought that I was homosexual.

This is where my oh so creative conscience was capable of making me fear what I feared.. I am no way saying that being homosexual is a bad thing but to me, it felt like such an unaccepted way of life by my peers. Oh it killed me until this day that every moment I woke up, someone would publicly acclaim it, and I would… I really don’t know. This is in the meantime in my conscience of me laying looking at the ceiling.
This is real stuff. I wouldn’t have announced this if I didn’t intend on bettering myself, or having the smallest chance of helping one of you.

Ill reiterate, train your brain to focus on what you know is right, and not what is and or has surrounded you. Not everyone is perfect so I’m not saying that the people who make it to this will be saved or meet my criteria but hey it’s worth a shot because I suffered enough and so badly alone that I would never, ever want to hear what happened to a life I once cherished, to occur again.

The flaws above we’re only some of the “identifying traits” that we’re so skewed in my head.

Why were my views so skewed?
Because of the uncomfortable surroundings I became ever so comfortable in.
I’m not saying this to point fingers or hate or burn bridges but I have your attention and this is what I have to say.

Two things I hope you take my advice on with never choosing to disobey. Please….

You are what you are around.

You are, what you think.

I wish you could feel my heart beating right now… This is where I knew I confidentially could reveal all of this to you.. Saying everything above was the boulder I have been waiting to get off my shoulders for the past two years…. I’ve accepted my thoughts which were skewed by flaws, my actions that were unintentionally developed by who I was around.

Since you kept reading, and by now have your attention, I feel comfortable to tell you guys this,

Stop cursing.

Think about it, as simple as saying “f*ck that band” will skew the relevance of instead saying “eh, I don’t really like them.”

Or if you say dude that’s gay,
You could just not say gay at all and grow up and say something much more positive… This list could go on…

Also… Please surround yourself with what your heart feels is right. If you can’t sleep at night, consider your thoughts by the end of the week while your conscience is talking to you before you goto bed, and wake up to the next day intending on being comfortable in a comfortable supportive environment. Your family is what I recommend. If you claim no family then your legal guardian. There’s a reason that those people are feeding you everyday… Because they want you to succeed.. Some things fear mongers will retreat from.

Do not be defeated, instead try what seems to hurt you in order to make what you know is right. Sacrifice….
Whether its friends… Items, imaginary people… And I really mean that, I’m not smiling after that last point… You are what you think.

All good things come to an end,

And now I can finally breathe.

End of chapter 1

You are what you think
You are what you think
You are what you think
You are what you think
You are what you think

also im not homosexual


German metal outfit, Callejon, have revealed that they will be headlining the upcoming Progression Tour in Europe. The band will be supported by August Burns Red, Architects (UK), Adept, and Breakdown of Sanity.

You can check out the tour poster and dates below: