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It’s a Monday night. A school night. A work night. You know you shouldn’t be up right now, but you are. Mindlessly scouring the never ending bounds of whatever social network you call “home,” for some sort of solace in whatever it is you’re searching for.

Need a wake up call?

Search no further; you’ve reached your final destination. It is our distinct pleasure to present to you the official premiere of former Band Of The Week, Arborum, and their brand new single, “Peace Keeper.” The pernicious track will have you up and moshing around your room in a matter of seconds, while that sleep which was calling your name just a few moments ago becomes nothing more than a distant memory.

So, without further adieu, we proudly present “Peace Keeper,”:



Tonight, we are extremely excited to be premiering New York natives, Bring Home Ohio‘s, brand new single, “The Way It Goes.” The track effortlessly features some of the catchiest hooks 2012 will see. And as the final days of the year ring out, there’s no doubt in our minds that this will not only be your soundtrack to the end of this year, but also in ringing the new year.

So, without further adieu, we are proud to present Bring Home Ohio’s brand new single, “The Way It Goes,”:


We here at The Scene As We Know It have a special treat for all you late nighters: We are proud to announce that we are premiering metalcore outfit, Prophecies, brand new single, “Rule Five.” The track features an extremely destructive mood that is constructed through pernicious vocals and commanding guitars, but is seamlessly balanced by soaring cleans and incredulously catchy harmonies.

So, without further adieu, here is Prophecies’ brand new single, “Rule Five,”:



Well, here we are, yet again, with another new addition to The Scene As We Know It: The Premieres. We have been working on getting this part of the site up and running for a while now and are so excited to finally have everything started now. The section is fairly self-explanatory: we will be premiering brand new songs from various artists in the scene.

For our very first premiere, we are extremely proud to announce Illinois pop-punk outfit, Chase This City, and their brand new song, “Sad Days With Patty Mayonnaise.” The comically-titled track features exceptional pop-punk hooks and the precise amount of gritty vocals, which we would even go to the extent to say are vaguely reminiscent to the likes of Title Fight. These aspects and more conglomerate together to create an instant pop-punk classic.

So, without further adieu, here is the brand new gem from Chase This City, “Sad Days With Patty Mayonnaise,”:

ALSO, a huge thank you goes out to Nathan Elliot for helping us out with the video.